Cutting & Styling

Please see more about ur cutting and styling services

Our cutting and styling services are one of the few elite services in the Warwickshire area. Our clients return to us month by month, due to our special care and our ability to focus on the things they really need.

Cutting Styling

Our fully equipped beauty salon is offering you a perfect atmosphere where you can enjoy your time while receiving our cutting and styling services.



Spa & Relaxing

Reward yourself wit some special time for a special person

Spa Relaxing

Our spa centre in Warwickshire is an oasis of relaxation where you can escape from the day-to-day stress and routine, and it’s a perfect gift you can offer for yourself for rewarding your hard work.

Nearly everyone has felt the effects of the super busy lifestyle where the time allocated for yourself is less and less: stress, health problems, and tensions in the social and family environment. This is where our spa and relaxing centre in Warwickshire really stends out of the crowd, offering you a unique experience of relaxation and special treatment. Please see our prices page for our full list of tariffs.


Nails are important

A woman’s hands reflect sensuality, femininity and perfection – here at inspirations Beauty we’ll make sure this holds true for your hands as well.

The beauty of your hands is highlighted by the aesthetic look of your nails, and here at Inspirations beauty salon we know this very well. We have a wide range of services offered by our team of specialists, who will make sure your nails will have an impeccable aesthetic look. Just like an artist treats his work as a masterpiece, your nails will be our masterpiece here at Inspirations Beauty. Please feel free to get in touch with us whether you need an appointment, or just a good advice form a good friend- we are here for you.

Nail Treatments